Hello and welcome to our home on this colorful day!


First of all we wish you come healthy and joyful through these transforming times.

On our end some great things are right now happening. Soon we will share some more details with you. Meanwhile you can join our mailinglist to be the first to know.


Mr. Shirazy & The Exile Orchestra is the base of an open collective of musicians, dancers, visual artists, photographers and designers in Cologne/Germany.



The recent COVID-19-situation made it over night almost impossible for the whole culture sector to express ourselves through our art on the stage.

But yet, we are eager to stay connected with you, as connection is more important than ever in these transformative times!


Watch our short-movie above and listen to our recent album "The One" for free to remember the vibe of our concerts or getting deeper into our universe.

You are "The One"!


About the music:


"We come a long way, a billion miles we travelled just to be with you..." Billion Miles / The One
We are the pioneers of "Hi-Tekk-Global-Funk" and bring you sounds from all over the world to take you away into the outts space!


Mr. Shirazy´s futuristic selfmade instrument FREEAK, the heartfelt performance of his band The Exile Orchestra and the amazing humanoid-dancers with a mix of clubbing and contemporary elements take you to another place in outta space! A place where a new form of art is created through innovation, original sounds and stunning visuals.

But the best thing is, that YOU are not just the audience, but an essential part of the party. Or with the words of Mr. Shirazy & The Exile Orchestra:

We are all drops in the ocean of unity...

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